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Welcome to Freedom Lyfestyles, my name is Damaris, I created this website to share, expose, educate, inspire and motivate like-minded people like myself who are seeking and yearning for more out of life. Please enjoy, learn, teach and inspire, feel free to reach out with any questions and/or related topics to discuss at freedomlyfestyles@gmail.com and as always like us on facebook @freedomlyfestyles 

I share my journey in hopes of helping, motivating and guiding those on the same path. I am 37 years old, living a life of abundance (financially, emotionally, romantically) was always somewhat of a “life goal” for me but never understood why I could not reach it. I always looked at others and wondered what was it they had that I did not. Not until I changed my words, did I realize I too could do it and have it (whatever I desired). Now I know, it is not what I do not have, it is an energy that I have yet to develop. In order to change your life, you must change yourself, this is the hardest yet most fun part of your journey. Be patient, greatness takes time.

If you want to be a leader you must develop yourself first, enjoy our Personal Development SectionEducation is the foundation of every successful entrepreneur please make sure to visit our Top 100 Books For EntrepreneursMotivational Books, Audio Education, and Video Education.


“We can not conquer the world we can only conquer the limitations within ourselves”

-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy-  Damaris Ayala

-Freedom Lyfestyles


My mission is to help others find the time and financial freedom they deserve and desire. To help them find their definition of success and what it personally means to them. I, like many, took the leap of faith to work for myself, run my own business any time of day and from the comfort of my home or anywhere with internet access frankly. If you would like to learn more Click here for more information.