A 3 Step Process To Becoming

A 3 step process to becoming was a thought I stumbled upon last week when I was battling myself with my thoughts. I am writing this with hopes I am not the only one who experiences this painful and exhausting process of reliving shameful situations. When we make mistakes and relive them over and over and over in our minds, shaming yourself and thinking of ways it could have gone differently. Why do we do this, we can not change what was done, we can not change the past. We do not realize how much energy we are expelling towards something that can not be changed. How can we stop this process? Great question, it is the one I asked myself for days, after reliving an embarrassing scenario. After several days of emotional exhaustion, my mind finally put the pieces together.

1. Acknowledge the thought: when a negative thought enters your mind before you get angry at yourself for thinking it. Acknowledge it, embrace it and face it DO NOT ignore it. This gives us the control of the thought. This is a very uncomfortable action, so do not be scared when you feel the discomfort. It is ok, stay focused on it.

2. Learn from it: After acknowledging the thought process it, break it down, chew on it, but do not go shaming yourself. This is the most powerful and difficult step! This is where life lessons come from, really take the time to digest this step. What did you learn from your actions, reaction, consequence, and/or actions/reactions consequences from others? Turn your shameful situation to something you can learn and share to become a better you. You may find yourself here for a while, that is perfectly ok, take your time and enjoy your lesson.

3. Be Aware: The average adult understands we do not change overnight, we may need to be reminded of this when our patience runs thin but it is a concept we understand. During your shaming phase, you will find yourself having that thought creep in your mind and mental space frequently. You may notice a slight or big change in your demeanor, such as feel hot, anxious, insecure and many other feelings. Ok, this is challenging! But it is completely normal, we are emotional beings. Embrace these feelings because they are YOUR emotions, but remind yourself you are not here forever. Go back to step 1, acknowledge it and then when ready go to step 2 what did you learn from it?

4. Replace thought with a positive life changing lesson learned: When you have reached this step you have mastered steps 1, 2, and 3 individually and collectively. You have accepted and embraced your once shameful situation with a lesson learned which in the long run makes you a better you! CONGRATS!!!!

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-If you do not like something in your life change it, because we have the power to change nothing inside us is bad- Damaris



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List Building Report

Today’s technology has exposed us to new marketing strategies but a List Building Report is and has been the foundation for success. You can have the best product and/or service, but if no-one knows about it or where to go for it, most likely you will not be successful. This is why a List Building Report is important for the foundation, building, and success of your business.

What is a list building report? Let me explain, List building is the process of adding new subscribers to your mailing list. This subscriber gives you their email address in exchange for receiving certain information, a special offer, or a free gift. It is the marketing of today, where we remove ourselves and allowing technology to guide your potential customers through the process.

How can an extra 10 or more customers a month to your website change your business? Are you willing to make changes to change your business and your life?

If you are not a current business owner but want to start your own business, this is also for you. The possibilities are endless!


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Digital Gold Rush

Most of us have heard of the famous California Gold Rush that occurred in the 1800’s, but have you heard about the Digital Gold Rush? The digital gold rush is the outcome of the birth of the internet and the dependency of technology. The digital gold rush, in my words, is the time of opportunity for you to create something new and never heard that has the potential for you to reap financial benefit. How in the world you may ask, a normal response I can had the same quite honestly.

We are (and have been for a while) in the information age, the time where knowledge is not just power but a craving, desire and need. ANYTHING we want to know is now at our fingertips. This is powerful and this is the future. Have you ever heard of online marketing or online affiliate marketing back in the 90’s? If so, you were one of the very very very few who were exposed to that.

Times and technology are leading us to a different style of life. Can you imagine working from home, at the park, by the beach or even from a boat? We live in a time where this is possible, the age of brick and mortar is slowly dying, just look at all of the stores that have and continue to close nationwide if not worldwide.

The Digital Gold Rush is at your reach all you have to do is expose and educate yourself. Your dream lifestyle is just choices away. Give time, the time to teach, give yourself the time to learn.

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Home Based Business Lead Gerneration

Those of us who are in a home based business understand the importance of lead generation. As a matter of fact, every business owner understands this. Without customers, we have no business. As an owner of a few businesses, one of them being network marketing, I have had the uncomfortable experience of writing a list of friends and family to contact who can benefit from a product or service. I personally like to inform my friends and family of what kinds of projects I am working on in my businesses, just in case they may know someone who can benefit. But actually having to try to sell them is just not my thing. Especially as an entrepreneur who has tried several different products and services.

Thankfully technology has advanced and has come to save us business owners. From a push of a button, you can activate an ad or an email and promote it to millions of people worldwide (depending on the constrictions of your product or service). The best 2 parts of this, in my opinion, is you are removing yourself from the process and people that WANT your product or service come to you. How amazing is that?

Now, the first thing you are thinking is “I am not tech savvy” or “I am not going back to school”. Well, I have an answer for both you skeptics, we will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and do. Yes, there is actually a course available and get you up and running. Home Based Business Lead Generation is the absolute foundation of any business. Are you catching up with the new times of how to run a business or are you stuck in the past?

Which direction do you want your business to go? An automated Home Based Business Lead Generation or stuck in the 90’s methods?

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What do you want to change?

What do you want to change? What daily habits do you have or do not have that are keeping you from living your “dream” life? Many of us are fed the daily dose of “success is HARD work”. Success is a few daily habits you commit to. Will those daily habits be easy? NO! Some will seem almost impossible at the beginning of your journey, then out of the blue one day, it will be a little easier than the last. Some days you will be happy, excited and motivated and other days making those choices will be difficult and a struggle. Now, this is when you must focus on your end goal and your personal why, your reason, to push you to make those daily choices.


What do you want to change? Maybe the better question is what do you want? or what do you lack? What do you want so bad that you would be willing to make some small changes in your daily schedule? Do you want the time freedom to travel, to spend with your family, to spend with your spouse, to spend with your children? Do you want financial freedom where there is more money than there is a month? Money to put aside for your children’s education/future? Money for your dream wedding? Money to travel to your dream destination? Money to buy your dream home? Money to buy your dream car?
What do you want to change? What are you willing to do, for what you want? These are very difficult questions and even more difficult are the answers. Take time to answer these questions. Take time to meditate on them.

There is still time for you to live your dream life! You only have to make the right investment: yourself and your future!

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Your Inner Entrepreneur

What is your inner entrepreneur? That is a valid question to ask yourself, I believe everyone has a little entrepreneur spirit in them but very few hear it, listen to it and follow it. What is an entrepreneur? Per google “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

In my opinion, an entrepreneur is anyone who wants to live their life and make a business out of it and someone who does not conform or follow the crowds. Being an entrepreneur is not needing to have a million dollars in the bank to invest in the newest and hottest idea. An entrepreneur is someone who wants to live life on their terms and make a business out of it. Do not just read those words, chew on them, digest them and let it give you spiritual nutrients. What is your inner entrepreneur? It is your passion, what do you wake up and go to bed thinking about? What do you desire most in this world? The first step in unleashing your inner entrepreneur is asking your-self questions like these just stated. Taking time to think outside of the box, feel like a child again and dream. Find what it is you love doing, dream of ways to create it and build it. This is feeding your inner entrepreneur.

There are a million ways to unleash your inner entrepreneur which will you use today? I dare you to step outside of your comfort zone and see what potential you have. For more information on how you can unleash your inner entrepreneur Click Here

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Want to fire your boss?

Want to fire your boss? I can share with you that you are NOT alone! I can share my story to prove it to you. I started working at the tender age of 16 and enjoyed receiving a check for my hard work and labor. Then I went off to college and worked part time and also enjoyed the benefits of my bi-weekly financial reaping.

After college, I started my professional career in the school system that is when my perception and views changed dramatically. Work and the bi-weekly payment terms were no longer enjoyable. Now I will be honest and express I had my own personal/emotional “problems” I did not know how to address. Outside of that I felt constricted and chained to my 9 – 5 mentality and routine. I was told when I was allowed to get sick and for how long and when to take personal/vacation time in a year.

I started seeking and was able to find a way out of the “rat race” and came upon a map guiding me to what I perceive as success.

Want to fire your boss? I wanted to hire my time freedom to wake up and live life on my terms. Put in hard work at my time and gain (both financial and personal).

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Digital Rush

What is the Digital Rush? First, let’s go back in time to January 24, 1848, in sunny Coloma, California when the gold rush brought over 300,000 people to the golden state in the pursuit of gold. In 1848 there was no Wal-Mart or online store where you could order your gold. Those who had the faith traveled by foot or sea to Coloma. I can only imagine their physical and emotional hardship!

Ok, now let’s get back to 2017 where we are currently experiencing a digital rush similar to 1848. Per google “The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age) is a period in human history characterized by the shift from traditional industry that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on information computerization.” It can also be called the Digital Rush

We are at the tail end and the penetrating head of a worldwide revolution. Why is this important? Do you want to be part of the few who will leverage the power of the internet for profit? Do you want to change your life? Do you want to travel? Do you want to spend more time with your children and spouse? Do you want financial and time freedom? What experience do you want?

Knowledge is power…

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Sick of MLM?

Are you Sick of MLM? I am here to tell you, you are not alone. I have been a struggling entrepreneur for several years. Now I have come across several MLM companies and most had amazing products and a decent compensation plan. The struggle I had in my experience are the “old school” marketing structures. Even though I had a product that I had personally used and believed in, I still felt like I was bothering my friends and family. Was there a “me” factor, yes absolutely! Was there things I could have worked on to be successful, yes! So where am I going with this? Great question, these structures or rather business model is a thing of the past. There are very few if any MLM’s that leverage the internet for the national and global exposure it can provide.

Traditional MLM/network marketing traditionally include chasing after people within your personal circle and cold-calling people or businesses you feel could benefit from your service or product. This then entails time at someone’s home or weekly hotel meetings. This was the old way of building a home based business. In my opinion, it is very small minded for today’s day and age.

Now when you leverage something as big and powerful as the internet, you take your business game to a whole other level. You place your business at a level of national or global exposure (depending on the product or service). Not only do you leverage a number of people your information reaches but it brings a culture where you remove yourself from the process. Giving you time to work on your personal development, family, business, time and financial freedom to live. Now please keep in mind removing yourself from the “process” does not mean you do not have to put in work. Any growing business needs to be worked.

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Living a Digital Life

Living a digital life was and is not something we learned in school, not grade school nor college. In my opinion, the reason this is not something taught to us is because it is something we are just experiencing. We are slowly, yet very quickly, transitioning into the digital era, the one we dreamed of when we were kids. The one that was supposed to look like the “Jetsons” but when we look around we do not see flying cars or sky high floating houses. But if you look closely, our lifestyles are different. What device are you using to read this blog a cell phone, tablet or computer? If you fall in my generation or above your childhood did not consist of any of these. A device was something mechanical and with some type of motor. Do you go to the library to do research anymore? Do you walk around with a CD holder, walkman, and big headphones? So we may not have the “Jetsons” cars or houses, YET, but technology has definitely made a huge impact in our lives.

What is Living a digital life mean? In raw form is building an online business that can be worked from anywhere with internet access. Now in an individualized form, it is a very personal question. living a digital life to a parent may be time with their children, to a young professional it may be time and financial freedom to retire early. To a young couple, it may be time and financial freedom to take care of their aging parents. Or to a young single student, it may be time and freedom to travel the world. To me living a digital life means waking up early, start my day with meditation, visualization, motivation, and freedom. To tailor my day individually, oppose to the cookie-cutter 9-5. What will living a digital lifemean to you? Take a few minutes and let your imagination go wild! What are the possibilities? More time with family? More money to travel? The sky is the limit!

You too can live a digital life!


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