Want to fire your boss?

Want to fire your boss? I can share with you that you are NOT alone! I can share my story to prove it to you. I started working at the tender age of 16 and enjoyed receiving a check for my hard work and labor. Then I went off to college and worked part time and also enjoyed the benefits of my bi-weekly financial reaping.

After college, I started my professional career in the school system that is when my perception and views changed dramatically. Work and the bi-weekly payment terms were no longer enjoyable. Now I will be honest and express I had my own personal/emotional “problems” I did not know how to address. Outside of that I felt constricted and chained to my 9 – 5 mentality and routine. I was told when I was allowed to get sick and for how long and when to take personal/vacation time in a year.

I started seeking and was able to find a way out of the “rat race” and came upon a map guiding me to what I perceive as success.

Want to fire your boss? I wanted to hire my time freedom to wake up and live life on my terms. Put in hard work at my time and gain (both financial and personal).

If you want to learn more information on how to fire your boss and hire your time freedom please click the link below:


-Cheers to our success- Damaris



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