Global Internet Entrepreneur

What is a Global Internet Entrepreneur? The world has 7.125 Billion people living in it per google “Back-of-the-envelope calculation: Census data from Page on says there were roughly 4 million 13-year-old children in USA in 2010. They’re turning 18 this year, and assuming uniform distribution of birthdays, so dividing by 365 gives you roughly 11k. 11,000 would be the answer then for the USA.”

There are roughly 4 million people will turn 18 this year alone, next year it may increase. I mentioned these numbers to help you understand the BIG PICTURE. The internet has made it possible for us to reach beyond our traditional methods of communication. We have the ability to have a video conversation with someone across the world, something we used to only dream about while watching “the Jetsons” or “Back to the Future”. This is now our reality, are you maximizing and leveraging this amazing ability to your benefit? If your answer is no, I genuinely recommend you continue reading and engaging.

Have you taken the time to slow down and see how technology has changed, impacted and transformed our lives? It has done so in multiple avenues, especially business. Watch this short video to help put this in perspective.

I am a visual learner, I needed this video to help me expand my frame of thinking. I hope it did the same for you. Think of your childhood; how you communicated, how you interacted, how you learned and how you thought. I am willing to bet everything that it has changed dramatically! There are people who believe the digital age has only scratched the surface of impact. Google technology in 2020 and see all the predictions of how life will change. We are in full the transition into the digital age. Will you maximize and leverage all the opportunities available?

There are so many opportunities for us entrepreneurs to become Global Internet Entreprenuers. Can you imagine running a worldwide business from your laptop from anywhere in the world? I know I can, something that was one just a dream is now people’s realities. Are you living a life where you are excited to wake up, go to work and service the world with your talents and skills? If you are then congratulations! If you are part of the group that isn’t there yet but would like to be, just take a minute to believe it can happen first. If you can imagine it, how does it feel? What do you envision? What does a regular for you look like?

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-Cheers to your success-


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What reality are creating for yourself?

What reality are you creating for yourself? This is a question I have never been asked nor have I asked myself, at least not in those words. I have been asked what do you want to be when you grow up, what do you want to study, what do you want to do in x amount of years, what career are you pursuing? The big difference between What reality are you creating for yourself and the rest is simply, vision.

What belief system are you allowing yourself to build with your daily choices? Are you allowing your “chattering mental monkey’s” to control how you see situations or even the world? Or do you take the time to acknowledge each thought, filter and process it by asking is this something that will move me forward? Is this thought going to cultivate more positive thoughts?These are extremely important questions to include in your process because the mind is like soil: it will reap ANYTHING you sow.

What are your fears? What reality are you creating for yourself? How are they keeping you from living your dream life? How are your excuses keeping you from your greatest success? What fictional tale are you telling yourself to believe? Remember this’ what you see can impact how you feel and how you feel can change what you see.

Take a few minutes to write down the answers to these deep questions. After answering those introspective questions here are a few action steps to help you process all those new found realizations by Isacc Lipski:

– Hold yourself accountable for every moment and every detail

– See beyond your fears, see possibilities

-Recognize your assumptions

-Harness your internal strength

-Silence your internal critic

-Correct your misconceptions about luck and success

-Accept your strengths and your weaknesses and understand the difference

-Open your hearts to your bountiful blessings

Take actions today to make a difference in your life!

“Your fears your critics, your heroes, your villains they are your excuses, rationalizations, shortcuts, justifications, your surrender. They are fictions you perceive as reality, chose to see thgouth them chose to let them go. You are the creator of your reality. With that empowerment comes complete reponsibility.” – Isaac Lidski

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How you get there is all part of life’s journey

How many times have you been faced with a situation in life that brought about questions like this: How am I going to _______… The more we dwell on the situation with a negative view the more overwhelmed, anxious and stressed we get. Now the more we dwell of how we are to bridge the gap the more creative solutions (good or bad) start popping in our brains. How we get to the solution is a part of our journey, it is comprised of several decisions and acts of bravery.

No matter the obstacle in life, easy or hard, we will always have a choice to make. The choices we make impact our life’s journey. Now with that being said, we make some choices continuously which define our journey. The beautiful thing is we can change our minds at any time and make different choices and make a brand new life.

If you are not happy with the choices you have made in the past today chose something better for your yourself. Be courageous, bold and brave, ask how and you will surprise yourself!

I changed my life by making different choices you can too!!!!

– Cheers

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5 Tiny tweaks that can lead to BIG changes

Did you know that tiny tweaks can lead to big changes? Have you ever decided to make a small change to your morning routine such as waking up 15 minutes early to meditate? The first few times it was a struggle to get out of bed knowing you could get an extra 15 min of shut eye. Then it is a struggle to meditate because you are just learning and controlling your thoughts is a challenge. Then one day you wake up before the alarm and you meditate for an extra few minutes. You realize it is a process that has become a part of you.

The video below was extremely impactful to me, it starts fairly slow with a lot of technicalities, but Amy Cuddy throws you a curve ball with her emotional story and lesson learned. As Amy shares her story of zeal and persistence, it brought a lot home to me. If I want things to change I myself must make changes. I saw my life quickly heading into a spiral of events that was only going to lead me towards emotional and mental destruction. I had no choice but to take action but I did not know how.

When life gets this intense it is easy to shut down because we think change always has to be a huge and dramatic event. Amy shows us that is not always the truth. I actually took a small challenge of positive and strong 2minute posses. The pose that I personally liked and practiced the most was “super woman”. It is funny, but I actually saw and felt the cape floating on my back, the power of visualization is amazing. During the 2 minutes, I felt different like I could conquer anything I put my mind to. No-one could tell me different, no-one could change my mind and no-one could bring me down from this level of confidence. Now, these feelings came over a period of time, I’ll be honest, the first few times I laughed to myself and felt silly.

I am sure there are a thousand things we can each think of that we can make a small and simple change that can impact the rest of our lives.

5 Tiny tweaks that can lead to big changes!!!!

Here are a few that I put into practice:

1. 30 Minutes of inspirational/motivational video in the morning and before bed: I tend to go to TED Talks for this one. It has helped me start and end my day with something positive or inspirational to focus and meditate on.

2. When I starting think about someone in a negative way I automatically say (to myself) Namaste; which means: To perform Namaste, we place the hands together at the heart chakra, close the eyes, and bow the head. It can also be done by placing the hands together in front of the third eye, bowing the head, and then bringing the hands down to the heart. This is an especially deep form of respect. Although in the West the word “namaste” is usually spoken in conjunction with the gesture, in India, it is understood that the gesture itself signifies Namaste, and therefore, it is unnecessary to say the word while bowing.We bring the hands together at the heart chakra to increase the flow of Divine love. Bowing the head and closing the eyes helps the mind surrender to the Divine in the heart. One can do Namaste to oneself as a meditation technique to go deeper inside the heart chakra; when done with someone else, it is also a beautiful, albeit quick, meditation.” –

This helps me remember to respect another human being and see myself in them 

3. Replace I can’t with HOW: This has been an amazing experience! The moment I change my words my brain starts planning, creating, imagining, inventing … processing something I never knew I could think of, create and execute.

4. Visualize being successful: I will admit this one was easy at first but then I started doubting that I can be as successful as I was imagining. Every time I start doubting my success I stop acknowledge the thought and replace it with something more powerful, a positive thought.

5: Make time for play: It is necessary to take life seriously as needed, but it is IMPERATIVE you make time for play. Whether you have children, a pet or time with friends/family/partner set aside a time of day to just play.

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”
― Paulo Coelho

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5 Ways to live outside of your creative box

Thinking outside of the box is a common statement, but do we truly understand how to get out of our traditional thinking? Traditional thinking typically stems from societies and communities and their shared belief system. Because these teachings are upheld and respected within the community it tends to be embedded and ingrained in our frame of thinking. When we think in opposition of or out of reach we are reprimanded for thinking for ourselves and at times shunned or outcasted. So traditional thinking is impacted by our environment.

What happens when you step out of your “mentally traditional” environment? You start thinking OUTSIDE of the box!!!!

So here are a few techniques you can use to help you step out, crawl out, jump out or fall out! Whichever method you use just to get out and explore what’s out there!

1.Believe: The first step is to trust yourself and believe in your thought. When taking this first step in believing you begin to at to your conviction thus creating a passion.

2.Open-Minded Thinking: Be open with your thoughts, do not shame any of them. Accept and acknowledge them and then make a choice on if you want to follow them or not. That type of control is beautiful.

3.Implement the “how”: There is power in the word HOW! Using this words creates solutions to your problems in your ever thinking brain! EMBRACE it and USE it!

4.Ask and Listen: If you need to brainstorm or mastermind with other like-minded people, DO IT!!!

5.Expand your mind: Learn from others and implant what you learned, see if it is a good fit.

“Instead of thinking outside of the box, get out of the box.” – Deepak Chopra

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Many see this question and think, that is so far down the line why should I even bother with thinking that far. There is power in imagination and visualization. When you lack vision it is difficult to see beyond just a few feet in front of you. This is a difficult concept to digest is life is not where you were or where you are but where you want to be. An easier to chew on this statement is, my favorite quote, Life is a journey NOT a destination. 

There is a short story I read this morning from the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J Schwartz, that opened my eyes to a stronger conviction and deeper understanding of this concept.

There was a young man who needed help on making a job change, a seemingly common question in this day and age. The first question the young man was asked was “what kind of job are you looking for?” The young man’s response was a very common one, “I don’t know what I want to do”.

The mentor said “Let’s look at your career plan from a different lens, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Here is where the young man was stumped (like many if not most of us do), his response was a cookie cutter and generic. “I guess I want what just about everyone else wants: a good job that pays well and a nice home… I haven’t give it too much thought.” I had a sigh of relief when I read this, did you? Why, because it hit me I am not the only one!

The analogy given to the young man is something you should take away and place in your, what I like to call, life hack tool box.

Let say life is an airport, we go to the airline ticket counter and ask for a ticket. Without a destination, you can not start your journey. Now do not confuse that with my earlier quote, life has no destination, it is a journey. Keep in mind a journey has many destinations, do not limit yourself to just one.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Cheers to your success – D

“Every bit of human progress-our inventions big and little medical discoveries, our engineering triumphs, our business successes-were first visualized before they became realities.” David J Schwartz “The Magic of Thinking Big”

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

We have all been asked this question, at some point in our lives but most likely when we were wee children. What do you want to be when you grow up? When children are asked this question their typical socially acceptable responses are; policeman/woman, astronaut, teacher, lawyer, fireman/woman, etc. So young and already programmed to think inside of a box. However, there are always those few who think the impossible, beyond the sky limits and in creative spaces no one has ever imagined.

How can time take this skill away from us and how can we get it back when it escapes us? When we were children we saw people and things with a different lens. We were not jaded by the realities of life, in fact, we are purposely protected from this. Then one day, for some early for others later, we all of the sudden lose touch with our amazing ability to be children. One day we wake up and have to be professional, we have to think before we speak, we must be a realist and we must be adults!

Children’s minds are free they don’t judge they just do, when fostered it can lead to adventure, invention and innovation. They are in their fully committed to their imagination and most importantly they don’t judge their thoughts they embrace them.

The easy part is we still have the ability of children as adults, it is taking the time to find them behind years of experiences. They may be rusty, foggy, cloudy and appear to be almost invisible. Dig deep inside, look at the children in your life for inspiration. Why is this important, because you must answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” several times in your life. I know I have and every time the answer changes. But we all know the more things change the more things stay the same. When I grow up I want to be happy! This is the ultimate answer to the infamous question. Why you ask because life is a journey, not a destination.

You will always be evolving, you may not notice it but one day you will look at yourself and say I am not who I was yesterday. You are not the same person during childhood, nor your teenage years, nor your 20’s, 30’s, the 40’s… and so on. We are always learning and becoming, if you focus on those two things you will know how to answer the question what do you want to be when you grow up?

Sometimes that new journey is leaving your job that brings income and stability. This is a fearful, painful and confusing place to be no matter what age. But do not threat, there is always a way, just ask yourself what do you want to be when you grow up. Listen to your soul, believe in your inner spirit and follow your dreams. Everything else will fall in place at the right time!

If you find yourself at a destination, stop and recalculate your GPS. Slowly navigate through your inner child and find your new life journey.

What do you want to be when you grow up? HAPPY and ALIVE !!!!

“But you can build a future out of anything. A scrap, a flicker. The desire to go forward, slowly, one foot at a time. You can build an airy city out of ruins.

— Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

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Are you working to live or Living to work?

Are you working to live or Living to work? I am 37 years old and I have never asked myself this question until I began thinking through my 20 years of work life experiences. In retrospect, I questioned myself this more often than not. “I work so hard and seem to go nowhere?”, “I like my job, but do I love doing it?”, Why can I not take time off when I want and when I need it?”… These and much more subtle thoughts consumed my mind. I blew them off by defaulting to “I had a bad day at work, tomorrow will be better”.

As a society it is embedded in our thinking we must have 8 hour work days and 40 hour work weeks. Our “shaped” thinking is validated by over glorifying happy hour Fridays and sleeping “in” weekends. Then we are compensated by a 2-week wait paycheck, that does not last until the next pay period. Leading us to depend on the “credit card cycle” (but that is an entirely different topic). The 9 to 5 mentality has paralyzed our society.

Please do not interpret this as not wanting to work hard for a good life. I believe in productive work, but I also believe we were created to play, explore and experience life. In other words, work smarter not harder.

The difference between working smarter and not harder is knowledge and using leverage. Now, this within itself is an introspective journey. You must look deep inside yourself and sift through old thinking and find new ways of thinking. This process can be exhausting and painful but in the long run, you will be grateful.

The knowledge process is not something you can find in a book. That is the beauty while learning you are growing!!! Introspective thinking and processing will lead you towards finding an interest, passion and/or curiosity within. Brainstorm your thoughts with your inner child, trusted family, and friends. Now it is IMPERATIVE during this time of vulnerability that you stay honest and true to yourself but most of all BELIEVE. I say this with such zeal because this is the time when people can get “down and dirty” with their old school way of thinking. Try to find like minded people to mastermind with.

I ask again are you working to live or living to work?

Now let’s tackle leverage. Google defines it as to “use (something) to maximum advantage”. If you are moving from an apartment to a house, typically you ask friends for help. This is using leverage, but let’s season it to taste. You brainstorm and realize your friend’s brother owns a moving company. You leverage that relationship to maximize the outcome. You’re leveraging this relationship in hopes of less labor and spending as little money as possible in the end. Do those two scenarios connect?

Great, now let’s use that concept and put into a business scenario. We have entrepreneur 1 and 2, let’s give them names, Edmond and Juana. They are both in business for themselves and are both very successful in what they do. Juana has more time to focus on things that are important in her life. How can Juana live this lifestyle? She leverages other like-minded entrepreneurs; she puts in work, reaps the benefits but also shares her business opportunity with others. They reap what they sow, Juana benefits financially from this relationship, as the other entrepreneurs do from by using this model.

There is an end to the rat race and there is a way to change living to work to working to live. If you would like more information please click below.

– To your success, – D

“Take responsibility for your finances – or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it. Your choice – Robert T. Kiyosaki(The Business of the 21st Century, )”

5 Benefits of a home based business

Have you ever been overworked, overwhelmed, stressed and dreamed of not having to get up, get dressed, fight traffic and work for someone else who dictates your scheduled life?

No need to feel guilty, you are not alone! I have felt this way multiple times, thus I wanted to share what I found.

Time: In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of having a home based business. The ability to stay home with a sick child or be available for a family member or friend during the hustle and bustle is priceless. This does not mean life is stress-free, just means you are more in control of your daily schedule.

Possibilities: Choosing a home based business is not like going through a college/university catalog. There are infinite amount of possibilities, so focus on your passions and do not be scared to dive in and think outside of the box!

Low risk: In comparison to purchasing a franchise or a traditional brick and mortar, the start-up cost for most home based businesses there is a fairly low investment and overhead.

Tax: In this portion, make sure to consult with your tax advisor. Owning a home based business may time, allows you to claim tax deductions for things like rent, home-loan interest, office supplies, utilities, and telecommunications.

Get paid what you are worth: Many times employees are asked to work harder and/or work overtime for either the same yearly salary or just a few dollars more than your hourly rate. A home based business allows you to give it your all and get paid for all your hard efforts. Please keep in mind, this is a business and success does not come overnight.

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Not all who wonder are lost…

Have you ever woken up, business as usual and say to yourself ” there has to be more to life”? This has been my question since I graduated college and “real adulting” hit me. I went to grade school, got through middle school and managed through high school and finally followed through with college. I did everything I was told to do for a “successful” life. Then I was given a piece of paper granting me access to the “real world”. This piece of paper dictated my level of knowledge, profession, language, class and direction. Only in my world, it was an expensive monthly payment way more than I could afford, with a few skills I learned from late night cramming and social events.  Continue reading Not all who wonder are lost…