8 Ways to Better Yourself

8 Ways to better yourself, there are a million ways you can better yourself! I have come across 8 tips that have helped me become a better and more productive person. Using these 8 simple tips continuously can help make your days a little easier.

1. Realize that you can never totally control the future: Take a moment and not only realize but accept this concept. We can only control ourselves in the moment.
2. Have a specific goal: Going on a trip with no destination makes the journey very difficult and complex. When we do not plan, we plan to fail. We must have a least one goal in mind to give you direction. In your journey, everything else that you need will reveal itself. Every journey starts with the first step in the right direction.
3. Really listen:  Most of us listen to think about what we are going to respond instead of listening to understand. When you listen to respond you do not take the time to think about what the other person is feeling or how they are being affected. You are quick to defend yourself, belief or thought. What a different conversation we could have if we just take the time to listen to understand the other person.
4. Try to be more present: With technology at the palm of our hands, it can be difficult to be present and in the moment. When spending time with family, friends, co-works or clients/patients act with intention. Be aware of yourself and those around you, notice your surrounding via your 5 senses live in the now.
5. Stop worrying so much: The more you worry, the less the problem will go away so focus on your solution and appreciate what you do have.
6. Stop multitasking: We think we can focus on several tasks and give them each 100% of our energy. We must give all of our energy to one project at a time and transition swiftly.
7. Accept vulnerability:  The most difficult thing to do in life, in my opinion, is to lean into the difficulty fo vulnerability. When you are hurting, offended, sad, happy… any emotion! Lean in, process it and experience it fully!
8. Don’t overanalyze everything: Just like worrying, over thinking and over analyzing things will not solve your problem. Focus your energy on something more productive!

-Cheers to your success- Damaris

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