Benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

Benefits of mindfulness in the workplace was one class we were not required to take in high school nor college if it even existed. Mindfulness as a whole has a plethora of benefits for mental health, but the ability to use it in the workplace has its own benefits. When we are interacting with friends and family we feel comfortable with low levels of vulnerability, therefore, we “show and express our emotions more often”. When we are around strangers and/or co-workers there is a higher level of vulnerability and professional expectation that we hold back expressing and showing our emotions.

When we hold our emotions back they tend to slowly creep into resentment, (not to say this can not happen in our personal life, this is a workplace angle) this is a place where our disagreements, disappointments, regrets, rejections and any other negative feeling live and grow. When our held back emotions transition into resentment we find ourselves mad, upset, easily bothered, just overall uncomfortable, especially when the person it is meant for is around. To assist in avoiding this, we must practice and reap the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.

What is being mindful? It is practicing being present, being in the here and now. How can we practice it at work? Great question, what has worked for me is when I find myself getting out of myself if you will. I focus on my 5 senses and ask myself these questions; what do I see, what do I hear, what do I smell, what do I feel/touch and what do I taste in my mouth? In doing this you are shifting from the focus on what is disturbing your peace to what is happening right now.

Once you have grounded yourself, process your emotions. What is causing you to be —– fill in the negative emotion? Ask yourself questions about how you feel and you will find yourself thinking, processing and answering those questions. Even better you will find yourself not holding on to grudges, being more mindful and finding the peace you deserve. May you find the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.

-Cheers to your success- Damaris

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