Showing Up is Half the Battle

Woody Allen said “showing up is 80% of the battle” or others have state Showing up is half the battle. Now, what does that mean, showing up is half the battle? Because for years I showed up, I was there usually on time and ready to do as told. Now in retrospect, I realize I was only there to be present in the bodily form. I was not truly committed to being there fully present.

When Woody Allen said “showing up is 80% of the battle” it includes, physical, mental, energetically and emotionally present and involved. Let’s review these in detail; How to be fully present because Showing up is half the battle:

One MUST be present in all 4 forms

1. Physically– this does not mean only in the bodily form, it means to be physically present in the areas you need to be for success and growth of you as a person and an entrepreneur. Go to the networking events, go to the business meetings, attend the training be there even when you do not want to.

2. Mentally– be aware of your mindset, what mood are you in? what are your predominant thoughts? Are you pre-occupied with dinner plans or a pending conversation with your spouse? One of two things must be done; deal with it/address the issue before or acknowledge it and place it in the to-do-later list. Take charge of your mental state!

3. Energetically– Are you energized, did you eat a balanced meal, did you exercise, did you sleep enough? These are all important questions and answers that determine our energy levels. As an entrepreneur, you are a leader and people will look to you for energy, as it is easily transferred (food for thought).

4. Emotionally– How are you feeling about yourself today? How do you feel about your business today? How do you feel about life, love and community? You emotion guides your thoughts and thoughts become things.

Before you show up make sure you are really showing up for Showing Up is Half the Battle.

-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy- Damaris Freedom Lyfestyles

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