My Genuine Business Journey…

My genuine business journey,

So far in my business journey, I have been in the affiliate marketing business for 3 months and I have to be very honest, I have not been successful. It is not as easy as they make it seem, it is not hard, it is time-consuming and there is a HUGE learning curve! Therefore leads me to many walls and new challenges.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, which feels amazing!!!! Thank you for listening…. reading… Now I could just call it quits and give up (what I am used to doing when things get hard). But I am here to say I REFUSE to give up, I plan to keep learning and keep striving. The content of my page will change a little bit. Before I was writing a well thought out article and it felt so stiff and felt like I was going to a 9-5 job and I did not like doing it. Now I love writing and sharing my thoughts, so I am choosing today to run my business a little more genuine and with a touch of me.

In my genuine business journey movingg forward, I will be sharing my daily struggles, challenges, obstacles any new techniques I learn and failures/successes and how I learned to get out of it. These stories will be from my everyday life experiences and journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. I am here to share my journey in hopes of helping others on theirs.

I hope you enjoy My genuine business journey

-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy- Freedom Lyfestyles

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