Your Mindset Your Business

The Most Important Part of Your Entrepreneur Journey;, Your Mindset Your Business…

Do you find yourself waking up and feeling like there is more to life than just the same old routine? Do you yearn to learn something new? Do you fall in the small percent that is considering starting an online business? If you answered 1 or all 3 of these questions with a resounding YES, this post was written with you in mind.Your Mindset Your Business I recently decided to take this new project on a few months ago and wow has it been an adventure. I have had moments of frustration, expensive mistakes, disappointments and lots of reading. I have to say it has all been worth it!!! Now granted like I stated earlier, I am very new to this industry. The biggest GIFT I have found in this journey has been a foundation. Foundation??? I am sure you are asking yourself, what foundation and how? Well let me explain; when I started out I knew one thing and that was that I knew nothing. So reading, listening and watching I began from search engine to youtube and other blogs. During this time I stumbled across the infamous personal development guru Bob Proctor. This is where my journey really started, not the expected online business information.

Your Mindset Your Business I began listening to Bob Proctor every morning, which led to affirmation meditation, motivational speakers like Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, hertz level music, and soooooo much more. In this creative space, I learned the foundation of business, mindset. What is mindset? This is the state of mind you are; are you positive? Disheartened? Mad? Encouraging? Happy? All of these and all other emotions matter. What you think and believe in matter, why you ask because you become what you think. Great writers like James Allen, wrote AS A MAN THINKETH shared this secret long ago. The reading is in Old English, which can be (at least for me) uninteresting to read but has some golden nuggets for all entrepreneurs. I also started read 10 pages a day to open my mind to wisdom and ideas. I dove right into “The Magic of Thinking Big” a great book!!!! Easy to read and full of information, I confess I read this book twice!

To recap, reading 10 pages a day and focusing on your mindset is the foundation of entrepreneurship. I hope this helped to not only expose but motivate you! Now you have to take the step and seek what works for you, I can only share a small piece of my journey. You must take the steps and look for what you are attracted and what will mold you to be a better you.

-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy- Freedom Lyfestyles

You can not conquer the world you can only conquer your own limitations. If you yearn for success and desire to build a business you will love please click here.

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