Best Daily Habits

Best Daily Habits

Have you ever looked at successful people (no matter their chosen mastery) how did you get there? Was your journey hard? How can you do it? All these questions come to mind which over time turn into excuses and judgments toward yourself because you are not where they are. First and foremost, you are living YOUR journey NOT theirs. Second, you CAN do anything you want to do. Is it simple YES, any decision is…. now is it EASY NO NO NO NO! If you want change, YOU MUST be willing to change.

Brian Tracy is an international speak and in the video below he gives us a large part of the key to success broken down in 6 best daily habits.

1. Goal Setting

2. Be Result Oriented

3. Be People Oriented

4. Be Healthy Oriented

5. Be Honest

6. Sel Discipline

Best Daily Habits

All of these goals are super important so let’s break them down. Starting with Goal Setting, when you sit down to write down some goal it best to start with a BIG goal. Example buy a house. Then break down small goals. Example daily, weekly monthly goals that are congruent with your overall goal.

Being results oriented is where true leadership begins. This is when you have several goals within a day or within a specific time period and you break down to goals that can be achieved right now.

Being people oriented is VERY important, especially in this day and age. We must understand and embrace that everything we do stems from working with, learning from and needing others.

Healthy living – physically and mentally, this is a must every day (exercise and a combination of audio and reading.

Stay honest will keep you sane and mentally healthy. This pertains both to your personal life and professional life.

The most imperative or rather equally most important with healthy living is self-discipline. This is the ability to make yourself do IT when you should do IT even when you do not want to do IT. This is where your why is important… hint hint tomorrow’s topic 🙂

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-Cheers to your success, peace, love and joy- Freedom Lyfestyles
You can not conquer the world you can only conquer your own limitations.
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