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5 Benefits of a home based business

Have you ever been overworked, overwhelmed, stressed and dreamed of not having to get up, get dressed, fight traffic and work for someone else who dictates your scheduled life?

No need to feel guilty, you are not alone! I have felt this way multiple times, thus I wanted to share what I found.

Time: In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of having a home based business. The ability to stay home with a sick child or be available for a family member or friend during the hustle and bustle is priceless. This does not mean life is stress-free, just means you are more in control of your daily schedule.

Possibilities: Choosing a home based business is not like going through a college/university catalog. There are infinite amount of possibilities, so focus on your passions and do not be scared to dive in and think outside of the box!

Low risk: In comparison to purchasing a franchise or a traditional brick and mortar, the start-up cost for most home based businesses there is a fairly low investment and overhead.

Tax: In this portion, make sure to consult with your tax advisor. Owning a home based business may time, allows you to claim tax deductions for things like rent, home-loan interest, office supplies, utilities, and telecommunications.

Get paid what you are worth: Many times employees are asked to work harder and/or work overtime for either the same yearly salary or just a few dollars more than your hourly rate. A home based business allows you to give it your all and get paid for all your hard efforts. Please keep in mind, this is a business and success does not come overnight.

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Not all who wonder are lost…

Have you ever woken up, business as usual and say to yourself ” there has to be more to life”? This has been my question since I graduated college and “real adulting” hit me. I went to grade school, got through middle school and managed through high school and finally followed through with college. I did everything I was told to do for a “successful” life. Then I was given a piece of paper granting me access to the “real world”. This piece of paper dictated my level of knowledge, profession, language, class and direction. Only in my world, it was an expensive monthly payment way more than I could afford, with a few skills I learned from late night cramming and social events.  Continue reading Not all who wonder are lost…