Living a Digital Life

Living a digital life was and is not something we learned in school, not grade school nor college. In my opinion, the reason this is not something taught to us is because it is something we are just experiencing. We are slowly, yet very quickly, transitioning into the digital era, the one we dreamed of when we were kids. The one that was supposed to look like the “Jetsons” but when we look around we do not see flying cars or sky high floating houses. But if you look closely, our lifestyles are different. What device are you using to read this blog a cell phone, tablet or computer? If you fall in my generation or above your childhood did not consist of any of these. A device was something mechanical and with some type of motor. Do you go to the library to do research anymore? Do you walk around with a CD holder, walkman, and big headphones? So we may not have the “Jetsons” cars or houses, YET, but technology has definitely made a huge impact in our lives.

What is Living a digital life mean? In raw form is building an online business that can be worked from anywhere with internet access. Now in an individualized form, it is a very personal question. living a digital life to a parent may be time with their children, to a young professional it may be time and financial freedom to retire early. To a young couple, it may be time and financial freedom to take care of their aging parents. Or to a young single student, it may be time and freedom to travel the world. To me living a digital life means waking up early, start my day with meditation, visualization, motivation, and freedom. To tailor my day individually, oppose to the cookie-cutter 9-5. What will living a digital lifemean to you? Take a few minutes and let your imagination go wild! What are the possibilities? More time with family? More money to travel? The sky is the limit!

You too can live a digital life!


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