Your Inner Entrepreneur

What is your inner entrepreneur? That is a valid question to ask yourself, I believe everyone has a little entrepreneur spirit in them but very few hear it, listen to it and follow it. What is an entrepreneur? Per google “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

In my opinion, an entrepreneur is anyone who wants to live their life and make a business out of it and someone who does not conform or follow the crowds. Being an entrepreneur is not needing to have a million dollars in the bank to invest in the newest and hottest idea. An entrepreneur is someone who wants to live life on their terms and make a business out of it. Do not just read those words, chew on them, digest them and let it give you spiritual nutrients. What is your inner entrepreneur? It is your passion, what do you wake up and go to bed thinking about? What do you desire most in this world? The first step in unleashing your inner entrepreneur is asking your-self questions like these just stated. Taking time to think outside of the box, feel like a child again and dream. Find what it is you love doing, dream of ways to create it and build it. This is feeding your inner entrepreneur.

There are a million ways to unleash your inner entrepreneur which will you use today? I dare you to step outside of your comfort zone and see what potential you have. For more information on how you can unleash your inner entrepreneur Click Here

-Cheers to your success- Damaris

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Global Internet Entrepreneur

What is a Global Internet Entrepreneur? The world has 7.125 Billion people living in it per google “Back-of-the-envelope calculation: Census data from Page on says there were roughly 4 million 13-year-old children in USA in 2010. They’re turning 18 this year, and assuming uniform distribution of birthdays, so dividing by 365 gives you roughly 11k. 11,000 would be the answer then for the USA.”

There are roughly 4 million people will turn 18 this year alone, next year it may increase. I mentioned these numbers to help you understand the BIG PICTURE. The internet has made it possible for us to reach beyond our traditional methods of communication. We have the ability to have a video conversation with someone across the world, something we used to only dream about while watching “the Jetsons” or “Back to the Future”. This is now our reality, are you maximizing and leveraging this amazing ability to your benefit? If your answer is no, I genuinely recommend you continue reading and engaging.

Have you taken the time to slow down and see how technology has changed, impacted and transformed our lives? It has done so in multiple avenues, especially business. Watch this short video to help put this in perspective.

I am a visual learner, I needed this video to help me expand my frame of thinking. I hope it did the same for you. Think of your childhood; how you communicated, how you interacted, how you learned and how you thought. I am willing to bet everything that it has changed dramatically! There are people who believe the digital age has only scratched the surface of impact. Google technology in 2020 and see all the predictions of how life will change. We are in full the transition into the digital age. Will you maximize and leverage all the opportunities available?

There are so many opportunities for us entrepreneurs to become Global Internet Entreprenuers. Can you imagine running a worldwide business from your laptop from anywhere in the world? I know I can, something that was one just a dream is now people’s realities. Are you living a life where you are excited to wake up, go to work and service the world with your talents and skills? If you are then congratulations! If you are part of the group that isn’t there yet but would like to be, just take a minute to believe it can happen first. If you can imagine it, how does it feel? What do you envision? What does a regular for you look like?

For more information on how you can become a global internet entrepreneur and learn how I was able to do it please click the link below:

-Cheers to your success-


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