A 3 Step Process To Becoming

A 3 step process to becoming was a thought I stumbled upon last week when I was battling myself with my thoughts. I am writing this with hopes I am not the only one who experiences this painful and exhausting process of reliving shameful situations. When we make mistakes and relive them over and over and over in our minds, shaming yourself and thinking of ways it could have gone differently. Why do we do this, we can not change what was done, we can not change the past. We do not realize how much energy we are expelling towards something that can not be changed. How can we stop this process? Great question, it is the one I asked myself for days, after reliving an embarrassing scenario. After several days of emotional exhaustion, my mind finally put the pieces together.

1. Acknowledge the thought: when a negative thought enters your mind before you get angry at yourself for thinking it. Acknowledge it, embrace it and face it DO NOT ignore it. This gives us the control of the thought. This is a very uncomfortable action, so do not be scared when you feel the discomfort. It is ok, stay focused on it.

2. Learn from it: After acknowledging the thought process it, break it down, chew on it, but do not go shaming yourself. This is the most powerful and difficult step! This is where life lessons come from, really take the time to digest this step. What did you learn from your actions, reaction, consequence, and/or actions/reactions consequences from others? Turn your shameful situation to something you can learn and share to become a better you. You may find yourself here for a while, that is perfectly ok, take your time and enjoy your lesson.

3. Be Aware: The average adult understands we do not change overnight, we may need to be reminded of this when our patience runs thin but it is a concept we understand. During your shaming phase, you will find yourself having that thought creep in your mind and mental space frequently. You may notice a slight or big change in your demeanor, such as feel hot, anxious, insecure and many other feelings. Ok, this is challenging! But it is completely normal, we are emotional beings. Embrace these feelings because they are YOUR emotions, but remind yourself you are not here forever. Go back to step 1, acknowledge it and then when ready go to step 2 what did you learn from it?

4. Replace thought with a positive life changing lesson learned: When you have reached this step you have mastered steps 1, 2, and 3 individually and collectively. You have accepted and embraced your once shameful situation with a lesson learned which in the long run makes you a better you! CONGRATS!!!!

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-Cheers to your success-

-If you do not like something in your life change it, because we have the power to change nothing inside us is bad- Damaris



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Living a Digital Life

Living a digital life was and is not something we learned in school, not grade school nor college. In my opinion, the reason this is not something taught to us is because it is something we are just experiencing. We are slowly, yet very quickly, transitioning into the digital era, the one we dreamed of when we were kids. The one that was supposed to look like the “Jetsons” but when we look around we do not see flying cars or sky high floating houses. But if you look closely, our lifestyles are different. What device are you using to read this blog a cell phone, tablet or computer? If you fall in my generation or above your childhood did not consist of any of these. A device was something mechanical and with some type of motor. Do you go to the library to do research anymore? Do you walk around with a CD holder, walkman, and big headphones? So we may not have the “Jetsons” cars or houses, YET, but technology has definitely made a huge impact in our lives.

What is Living a digital life mean? In raw form is building an online business that can be worked from anywhere with internet access. Now in an individualized form, it is a very personal question. living a digital life to a parent may be time with their children, to a young professional it may be time and financial freedom to retire early. To a young couple, it may be time and financial freedom to take care of their aging parents. Or to a young single student, it may be time and freedom to travel the world. To me living a digital life means waking up early, start my day with meditation, visualization, motivation, and freedom. To tailor my day individually, oppose to the cookie-cutter 9-5. What will living a digital lifemean to you? Take a few minutes and let your imagination go wild! What are the possibilities? More time with family? More money to travel? The sky is the limit!

You too can live a digital life!


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Global Internet Entrepreneur

What is a Global Internet Entrepreneur? The world has 7.125 Billion people living in it per google “Back-of-the-envelope calculation: Census data from Page on census.gov says there were roughly 4 million 13-year-old children in USA in 2010. They’re turning 18 this year, and assuming uniform distribution of birthdays, so dividing by 365 gives you roughly 11k. 11,000 would be the answer then for the USA.”

There are roughly 4 million people will turn 18 this year alone, next year it may increase. I mentioned these numbers to help you understand the BIG PICTURE. The internet has made it possible for us to reach beyond our traditional methods of communication. We have the ability to have a video conversation with someone across the world, something we used to only dream about while watching “the Jetsons” or “Back to the Future”. This is now our reality, are you maximizing and leveraging this amazing ability to your benefit? If your answer is no, I genuinely recommend you continue reading and engaging.

Have you taken the time to slow down and see how technology has changed, impacted and transformed our lives? It has done so in multiple avenues, especially business. Watch this short video to help put this in perspective.

I am a visual learner, I needed this video to help me expand my frame of thinking. I hope it did the same for you. Think of your childhood; how you communicated, how you interacted, how you learned and how you thought. I am willing to bet everything that it has changed dramatically! There are people who believe the digital age has only scratched the surface of impact. Google technology in 2020 and see all the predictions of how life will change. We are in full the transition into the digital age. Will you maximize and leverage all the opportunities available?

There are so many opportunities for us entrepreneurs to become Global Internet Entreprenuers. Can you imagine running a worldwide business from your laptop from anywhere in the world? I know I can, something that was one just a dream is now people’s realities. Are you living a life where you are excited to wake up, go to work and service the world with your talents and skills? If you are then congratulations! If you are part of the group that isn’t there yet but would like to be, just take a minute to believe it can happen first. If you can imagine it, how does it feel? What do you envision? What does a regular for you look like?

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-Cheers to your success-



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Not all who wonder are lost…

Have you ever woken up, business as usual and say to yourself ” there has to be more to life”? This has been my question since I graduated college and “real adulting” hit me. I went to grade school, got through middle school and managed through high school and finally followed through with college. I did everything I was told to do for a “successful” life. Then I was given a piece of paper granting me access to the “real world”. This piece of paper dictated my level of knowledge, profession, language, class and direction. Only in my world, it was an expensive monthly payment way more than I could afford, with a few skills I learned from late night cramming and social events.  Continue reading Not all who wonder are lost…